According to the Sanya tropical orchid industrial development plan between 2011 and 2020, Sanya is expected to build itself into China’s largest tropical orchid industry center.

Firstly, the tropical orchid is easier and cheaper to grow in Sanya, such as the planting of high quality Oncidium, Dendrobium and Cattleya orchid just needs simple flower-beds, small-type spray irrigation equipment, sun-shading device and simple air ventilation and exhaust system.

The average investment of orchid industry (excluding the Butterfly Orchid industry ) in Sanya is 1.05 to 1.5 million yuan per hectare, but in most parts of China is 2.25 to 4.5 million yuan per hectare which is about 2 to 3 times the cost of Sanya, and the infrastructure alone in most developed countries will cost 7.50 to 22.5 million yuan.

Secondly, because of excellent natural conditions of Sanya, the growth rate and quality of tropical orchid plants in here are superior to other parts of China under the same conditions and management level.

Thirdly, Sanya has built 4 production bases in Tianya Town, Jiyang Town, Haitang Bay Town and Yucai Town to promote the production of orchid industry.

In addition, the government is planning to build 3 tropical orchid seed-breeding bases and 6 tropical orchid sightseeing parks, and to invest and construct one tropical orchid trading market near the Sanya Phoenix Airport and one exhibition center in downtown Sanya.

By 2015, the orchid-growing area in the city is expected to reach 6, 000 mu, and there will be 180 million branches of cut-orchid and 12 million potted orchids to be cultivated, with total sales estimated at 870 million yuan.

The orchid-growing area in Sanya is expected to reach 50,000 mu and the city will develop into the largest tropical orchid industry center of China combining the production, trading and sightseeing of orchid in 2020.

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