On the morning of November 18th, ten representatives from British travel agencies visited the Li And Miao Ecological Cultural Tourism Area of Ganza Ridge Areca Valley in BaoTing County.
Members of the delegation visited the site’s museum, tattoo house, brewing workshop, and Li brocade workshop which was established for the protection of the Hainan’s cultural traditions.
Accompanied by members of staff, the delegation also watched spectacular live primitive scenery performances, which are uniquely characteristic of Hainan Li and Miao minority culture.
Speaking about the visit, the delegation said they had enjoyed their trip and everything they had been shown, including the tattooed old local women and the traditional instruments. They were especially interested in the buildings of the Li minority culture, which were primitive and simple but very beautiful. 
The delegation’s visit ended with dinner at a local vegetable restaurant at the site, which served a variety of traditional dishes.