Many of the world’s high-end luxury brands were present at the second Sanya Ocean Culture Festival that took place at Sanya’s Serenity Marina on November 15th.

Amongst the high-end products showcased at the festival were luxury yachts, supercars, helicopters, private jets and art collections. One of the highlights of this year’s exposition was a private jet on display, which attracted a large number of visitors.

The event attracted 44 participating exhibitors and a total of 76 yachts were on show for prospective buyers, including a 128-feet-long super yacht at valued 70 million yuan.

Amongst the luxury cars and motors on display at the event were the latest models from iconic brands such as BMW, Porsche, VolksWagen and Harley Davidson.

The purpose of the event was to provide a platform for leading luxury yacht companies, many of whom are based in Hainan, in order for them to showcase their products.

In addition to this, the organizers also arranged for the visitors to test drive the boats, so that they could experience the latest luxury offerings.

The show will run until November 18th, 2012.