A 19-year-old construction worker, who was involved with aerial work at a building site in Sanya, has survived after falling from scaffolding.

Fortunately, the protective guard and scaffolding acted as a cushion to his fall and it was his legs that touched the ground first. The young man, named Liu Xiaofei, had a narrow escape. He was taken to Sanya Longken Hospital at 8:32 that night with hemorrhagic shock, suffering from very low blood pressure, shortness of breath and multiple organ failure.

A series of emergency treatments were carried out promptly in the hospital, including hemostasis, blood transfusion, correcting acidosis and blood pressure control, etc. After the emergency treatments, Liu Xiaofei’s vital signs slowly stabilized.

However, the condition of the patient worsened on August 29th. Doctors in the hospital made the hard decision to quit traditional methods of treatment and 10,000 ml of sodium bicarbonate was finally infused into his body. To ensure his wellbeing, nurses were arranged to take care of him in three shifts every day.

Following 7 days of intensive treatment, Liu Xiaofei could drink some liquid. 20 days later, automatic micturition in the patient was recovered. Liu Xiaofei has now been transferred to a general ward from the intensive care unit.

"Liu Xiaofei has had several orthopaedic surgeries so that he can still walk freely despite some inconvenience.” Lin Sen, the director of the Intensive Care Department said.

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