The Sanya government is planning to proceed with a new regulation to manage e-bikes & motorcycles in the city starting October.

The current electric-bicycle regulations, enacted in 1999, stipulate that electric bicycles should run no faster than 20 kilometers per hour and weigh no more than 40 kilograms.

According to the new regulation, bikes exceeding those top limit weight and speed will be categorized as motorcycles, which will only be allowed to run on public roads after the cyclists obtain a license, license plate and insurance.

As of now, there are over 165,000 electric bikes in Sanya, among which about 90% are believed to exceed the standards and will be deemed motorcycles.

The new regulation means that a majority of the city’s electric bikes will be banned from public roads if their users do not get a license to operate them.

With the increasing number of electric bikes running on the roads, there are many traffic incidents and the bikes have come to be associated with them.

If specific guidelines on the management of electric bicycles are carried out, the potential risks on the safety of road users will be greatly reduced. ‘It is a good thing’, Said Mr. Wang, who rides an electric bicycle to work every day.


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