The cancer sufferer Chen Yiru
24-year-old girl Chen Yiru, who is suffering from a metastatic tumor in the left occipital lobe, insisted she would donate her corneas to give the hope of life to other patients who need help.
Taiyuan girl Chen Yiru was admitted to Hainan University Sanya College in 2008. She was diagnosed with invasive breast cancer when she was a sophomore. The family was debt-ridden because of the huge costs of cancer chemotherapy treatment.
In the face of such overwhelming pressure, Chen Yiru received donations from the Hainan Hope Project and her teachers and schoolmates. She was moved to tears as “she felt the sun shine again in the gloomy life”.
However, fate gave her a raw deal. She was diagnosed with a metastatic tumor at the end of 2011. She was devastated but has pledged to donate her corneas after death. 
“It’s ordinary to donate corneas, I had the idea before I got ill,” said Chen Yiru, “Everyone needs positive energy, and I have a dream to pass the energy to more people who need help.”
Corneas are badly needed in China. There are about 300,000 to 400,000 patients waiting for corneal transplantation surgery every year in China, but only 2% of them can undergo the surgery.
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