grouper fish
Sanya anglers caught a 1.5-meter-long grouper fish.
On 8th June, a citizen surnamed Jia caught a huge grouper fish, which was 1.5 meters in length, 50 centimeters in width and weighed 48.75 kilos, on the waters 50 miles out from Sanya Bay, reported South Island Evening News.
According to Jia, he went deep sea fishing with his friends on a yacht on 6th June. Two days later, their yacht sailed to the waters 50 miles away from Sanya Bay. “While I was putting a fishhook into the sea, the straight fish pole was arched by something huge”, said Jia.
“My friends all came to help as the fish thread had been dragged out 300 meters”, said Mr. Jia. After a one hour “see-saw battle”, the big fish was finally pulled out of the water. When it was dragged into the boat, all of them were stunned by monster catch, a 1.5-meter-long grouper fish. 
When a reporter saw the big fish at Sanya Visun Yacht Terminal, many citizens were taking pictures with it. The grouper looked quite aggressive with two bulging eyes, even though it had been kept in a fridge for one day. Mr. Jia as well as other anglers in Sanya said they have never seen such a big grouper before.
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