national college entrance exam
A total of 4,002 high school students sit the national college entrance exam this year in Sanya.
The 7th June is a date many students in China will remember for the rest of their lives. Once again, it’s time for Chinese students to sit the National College Entrance Exam, or Gaokao as it’s known in Chinese.  
This year, 4,002 students will take the national exam at 3 standardized exam sites in Sanya. On the first day of the exam, heavy rain cooled down Sanya’s temperature as well as students’ high-strung nerves. Most of the exam participants said that they did well in the first subject.

The number of exam participants hit 4,002 this year in Sanya, increasing by 379 compared to 2011. Amongst this number, art students account for 1,757 and science students 2,130. Meanwhile, the numbers of female and male students are 1,988 and 2,014 respectively.

The 3 standardized exam sites are Sanya No.1 Middle School, Sanya No.2 Middle School and Sanya Experimental Middle School. Every exam room in the 3 standardized exam sites is installed with monitoring cameras. This is the first time that Sanya has put national college entrance exams under the monitoring of cameras. 

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