strange slope
Cars will move uphill after engines are turned off on the road in front of Sanya Wanke Forest Park.
Recently, a Sanya driver surnamed Li found a “strange slope” in front of Wanke Forest Park at Sanya Xueyuan Road. Mr. Li claims that cars will go uphill at a speed of 10 kmph if you turn off the engines, reported South Island Evening News.

According to Li, a strange phenomenon occurred when he was teaching his workmate how to drive on the road in front of Wanke Forest Park a few days ago. When the car was going downhill, Mr. Li asked his colleague to back up. As he forgot how to reverse the car, he turned off the engine and stopped the car. What confused Li was that the car moved uphill all by itself after the engine was cut.

In order to figure this strange phenomenon out, Mr. Li went to the “strange slope” with his car on 28th May. His experiment shows the car will speed up when going uphill, and vice versa. “It’s just like the car is dragged by something invisible”, said Li.

On 29th May, Li took a reporter to that road again. Just as Mr Li had described, the car slid 120 meters uphill after he cut the engine. What’s more, Li spilled some water on the road, and the water flowed uphill as well.

However, according to experienced drivers, this strange phenomenon is due to a visual illusion caused by the surrounding terrain. According to research, only 11 such strange slopes have been discovered around the world. Shenyang, Xiamen, Henan, Xi’an, Peking, Yilan, Taiwan, Uruguay, Korea, and America are the only places with this phenomenon.


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