Situated on the southern tip of Hainan Province, Sanya is the southernmost city on the island. Featuring blue sky, beautiful beaches and clear water, Sanya is perhaps the most famous coastal city in China. The climate is hot in summer but warm in the three other seasons. When other cities are shivering in this month, a stroll along the coastline and breathing the fresh air will provide you with a warm, comfortable holiday. []
The buzz going around about the rapid expansion of Sanya City in China’s southernmost island province of Hainan is being promulgated for many reasons. The factors involved are the same for most: clean air, fresh fruit and seafood, warm year round temperatures…and a boom in services. In the last few years, unprecedented growth has occurred in several service industries, such as international hotels, yachting, and high-end weddings. Sanya’s natural features elicit pleasure, relaxation, and romance upon arrival. Combining the increasing list of services and peaceful environment, this is now the most popular place for honeymoons and weddings.
Celebrating these two of life’s most important events throws the doors wide open on expression and exploration. The trend is for more and more extravagance. The pending arrivals of 7-star rated hotels in Yalong Bay and on Phoenix Island are sure to add to the buzz. The early success of the first duty-free shop for domestic tourists has given luxury brands from across the globe a boost in sales never seen before. It seems to be just the tip of the iceberg for the luxury living that is to come.
Just in 2012 alone, 30 new star rated hotels will be opening in Sanya. Each opening adds to the already many internationally recognized brands of resorts. Most have some form of “special” services and packages for honeymooners. There are beach views, private pools, spa packages, and more. The list of customization starts only with the pocketbook. Fancy dinners, yacht cruises, couples’ spa treatments, and butler service are just a few of the premium services on order. Just a few years ago, Sanya was limited in its offerings. Now, with the influx of international branded hotels and an ever increasingly creative marketing staff, the options for a high-end honeymoon match or beat any destination. Couples can find all the comfort they can imagine, all while enjoying the crashing ocean waves and the glowing sunset in this “Hawaii of China”.
In the last few years, the wedding services industry has boomed in Sanya. As incomes around the country rise, so do the number of destination weddings and high-level planning service companies. Couples flock here for the scenic beachside pictures taken among the dancing coconut trees. While some weddings might be the more traditional Chinese style with a lavish banquet dinner, the trend seems to be increasingly more Western style. Lily Yang, wedding consultant at the firm Himice, says that uniqueness is what sells. With some well-off couples having wedding budgets in excess of one million renminbi, the keys to making it the most special of days can vary. Most couples will start by choosing a fancy 5-star hotel. They will add limitless amounts of flowers scattered all over the grounds.
In Western style, they are having a ceremony of vows followed by a party. Sometimes this ceremony can be administered by a national celebrity…for the right price. Think Madonna or Bono as the Master of Ceremonies (MC) and you get the proper perspective. Not only is hotel choice and MC a big factor, themed weddings are being requested more often. Imagine getting an invitation that describes a fairytale. That’s right, happening more often is “Cinderella” or “Snow White” type themed events that put the bridegroom in custom made costumes.
Throughout the ceremony, a story is told. Much of the theme it comes from, love and passion, are on display for the guests. Creativity and astonishment are often the ambition of the wedding couple. Nothing is off the table and new things are happening all the time. Some couples even arrive to the wedding in a super yacht or helicopter. Any requests can be made and money is no object. If you’re looking to book a specific hotel or service, then do it as early as possible. Peak season in Sanya is from October until March. This time of year can be booked full more than a year ahead of time.
If you like new, modern facilities and creativity, you’ll want to plan your next special event in Sanya. Find the newest hotel, challenge a wedding planner, and make your dream visions come true. There’s nothing that needs to be simple…providing you have the budget to realize it.