A public toilet in Wangning looks like a villa.
A heated discussion has been aroused on the internet since Beijing and Nanchang launched their “2 flies rule” and “3 flies rule” for public toilet management. Just like Beijing and Nanchang, Sanya has also set rules for public toilets management, and it seems the rule in Sanya is much more strict: no flies are permitted!

A reporter visited some public toilets in Sanya recently. Most of the public toilets at the roadsides are clean and no flies were found in them. According to the standard of public toilet management, which can be found in every public toilet in Sanya, the toilets should be cleaned twice a day. What’s more, paper scrapers, cigarette butts, dust and flies are not permitted under the rules to appear in the toilets.

However, the “no fly rule” is hard to carry out in reality as there is no exclusive inspection on fly numbers, according to the sanitation department. What’s more, the standard is only feasible for the 110 public toilets under the management of Sanya Sanitation Bureau.

The reporter visited the public toilets in Qionghai and Wanning as well. While the newly-built public toilets in Qionghai are clean and tidy, the old public toilets are smelly and messy. In Wangning, 10 new public toilets with a total investment reaching RMB 5.6 million have been built since 2011. And most of the public toilets are in good a sanitary condition.

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