A reporter visited several drug stores in Sanya, and no unqualified medicine capsule was found.
Recently, the National Ministry of Health released another list of unsafe drug capsules. 9 pharmacy enterprises and 14 kinds of medicine capsules are on the list. The National Ministry of Health has called on all medical institutes to cooperate in recalling the unsafe drug capsules, and stop using these medicines until they are deemed safe again.

On 23rd May, a reporter visited several drug stores in Sanya, and found no such medicine capsules. “We have kept a close eye on these unsafe drug capsules since the beginning of the toxic drug capsules scandal. Any unsafe drug capsules have been and will continue to be pulled from the shelves the moment they are found to be hazardous to people’s health,” said a drug store salesman.

Some citizens have asked the question: Can we take the drug capsules without the capsule shells since they are unsafe? The answer is definitely “No”! According to an expert, the capsule shell keeps the drug inside away from gastric juice, and carries it to the intestinal canal. Only in this way can the drug be absorbed properly. What’s more, the capsule shell also prevents the drug inside from affecting the oral cavity, esophagus, and stomach. It’s therefore very unwise to get rid of the capsule shells when taking drug capsules.

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