Waste water is discharged directly to the Sanya River.
Recently, many citizens have been complaining that waste water is being discharged directly into Sanya River from sewage pipes near Jinjiling Bridge, reported Sanya Morning Newspaper.

On hearing of the complaints, a reporter paid a visit to the Sanya River and Linchun River on 22nd May. A sewage disposal truck was found pouring waste water directly into Sanya River at Jinjiling Birdeg. What’s more, several sewage pipes were also found under the Yuechuan Bridge and Linchun Bridge, from which smelly sewage was flowing out.

Sanya River was honored as the “Mother River” with a lot of birds and fishes living in it in the past. However, over the past decade, Sanya River has been severely polluted due to the booming economy and the ever-increasing population.

The total area of red mangroves in Sanya has declined from 326 hectares to 246 hectares over the past 10 years. “Domestic sewage is one of the reasons behind the declining numbers of red mangroves,” said an expert.

In order to make Sanya River the real “Mother River”, Sanya will invest RMB 500 million into river improvement in the next two years. As well as this, citizens also need to improve their awareness of environmental protection.

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