On 10th May, China South Airlines flight CZ3525, departing from Sanya and heading to Shanghai, encountered clear air turbulence 20 minutes after it left its transit stop Guangzhou Airport. 9 passengers were injured in the incident, among which 2 suffered bone fractures. The injured have been sent to the hospital.

According to the witness, luggage from the overhead compartments fell down and hit passengers on the face when the clear air turbulence hit the plane. Passengers who didn’t fasten their seat belts were thrown to the floor. Fortunately, no deaths were reported in the incident.

A netizen named “JANKS” described the incidents on the Sino Microblog in detail. “The plane fell all of a sudden one and a half hour after it left Guangzhou Airport. Flight attendents and passengers who didn’t buckle up flew and hit the ceiling. Then the whole cabin was in a mess with drinks and food and newspapers. The plane kept falling, and I sensed death for the first time in my life.”

Meanwhile, China South Airline made an announcement on it authorized microblog. “On 10th May, flight CZ3525 encountered clear air turbulence and 8 passengers were injured in the incident. The plane landed safely at Shanghai Hongqiao Airport at 15:29. The injured passengers have been taken to the hospital.”

Further investigation is under way.

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