Residents in Sanya Betel Nut Village look upset these days for the river near the village has turn "red” due to the wasted water discharged by a paper mill.

On receiving the villagers’ complaints, reporter set to investigate and found the paper mill discharged the sewage into river without any treatment. Due to the illegal sewage discharge, the paper mill has been ordered to suspend so far.

"Water in the well tastes bitter, and no one dare to drink it any longer”, a villager surnamed Hu told a reporter. The water in the well used to be clean and sweet. However, it looks turbid and gives off a smell of iron rust now.

What’s more, water in the river has turned blown as well and no fish or shrimp can be seen in it. According to the villagers, living creatures in the river has died out due to the wasted water.

With the help of villagers, reporter found the source of wasted water, a paper mill located near the village. In the paper mill, there are several water tanks, in which the “red” water is running out. However, person in charge of the paper mill told the reporter they always recycle the wasted water and never discharge it into the river.

On 26th April, reporter came to the paper mill again with law enforcement officials from Sanya Land and Environmental Resource Bureau. Law enforcement officials found the paper mill’s production without any approval from reverent departments. Moreover, the wasted water in the tanks contains chemical dye, failing to meet the standard.

At present, the paper mill has been suspended operation.
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