5 swimming enthusiasts among 9 swimmers successfully swam across the Qiongzhou Strait on 4th May, 2012. Tang Jianyong, from Shanghai, was the first person to arrive at the final destination at 4: 15 pm onto Hai’an Town, Xuwen County of Guangdong province.
These 9 swimmers, from Beijing, Shanghai, Jilin, Fujian, and Guangdong, started their marathon swimming from Baisha Gate on Haidian Islet of Haikou at 5:20 am on 4th May.

Under the stormy waves and refluxes, 5 warriors finally succeed in swimming the Qiongzhou Strait. Zhang Siqing from Shanghai arrived at 5:08 pm, Liu Jun from Jilin arrived at 5:20 pm, Zhang Wei from Shantou of Guangdong arrived at 5:30 pm, and Chen Jin from Putian of Fujian arrived at 5:55 pm.

4 other swimmers gave up the crossing due to physical problems and the stormy waves and refluxes.
It’s reported that swimming enthusiasts from the winter swimming association of Jilin province and Fenggang swimming association from Zunyi, Guizhou will swim across the Qiongzhou Strait at the beginning of June this year.

Approximately 25 to 32 km in width, the Strait is blessed with mild water temperature, good seawater quality and other appropriate conditions. 

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