Bo’ai Bilingual Kindergarten

The kindergarten school bus
A 3-year-old child was smothered to death on a kindergarten school bus on 29th March, and the director of the kindergarten has been arrested by the police.
Mr. Liang, the child’s father, said that he sent his son to the kindergarten school bus at about 8am, but at 4:30 he received a call from the kindergarten saying that his son, Xiao Xiang was smothered to death on the school bus.
Wang Changwen, the person who is responsible for driving the bus, said that they always call names when children get on the bus, but ignore the step when children get off the bus. At 16:00, the driver found the body of the dead child on 29th March.

Bo’ai Bilingual Kindergarten has not obtained the qualification to run and is not permitted to recruit students. Only one kindergarten bus has an operating license, and the bus operated that day has no license. . 

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