3 little girls ages 4-12 years old drowned in the Shimulong reservoir in Sanya Haitang Bay County on 12th Mar. The Sanya police have set about investigating after the tragedy happened.
11 year old Su Yanxue was left at home with her little sister Su Yanyan by her parents who went to the country after breakfast. At 9 a.m. Su Yanxue took her little sister along with two schoolmates named Su Weijun and Pu Jingjing to the Shimulong reservoir and played around there.
“A girl, Pu Jingjing, rushed to me, shouting someone drowned in the reservoir at about 11 a.m.” said Hu Jiawei, the first person who arrived at the accident spot. According to Hu, 3 girls were washed away by the water while they were walking to the other side of the reservoir hand in hand. Pu Jingjing, who walked behind the 3 girls, turned to adults in the village for help immediately.
The rescuers only found Su Yanyan floating on the water when they arrived at the accident spot. Later, they found the other 2 girls under the water as well. However, the 3 girls died after they were rescued from the reservoir.
Villagers believe that the flume in the reservoir is the reason why the 3 girls drowned.
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