Photographs of Chinese female bodyguards training in swimsuits on a beach has provoked outrage on Chinese internet forums including the government-run Their good looks and the need to train in swimsuits are being questioned. 

The controversy was triggered after Chinese media reported that a company, Tianjiao Special Safety Consultants Ltd, paraded 20 trainees on the famous Sanya beach in Hainan province during what is called its "devil's day" training. The girls, mostly university graduates, are going through a 10-month training to develop defense skills to provide better service to clients.

Reports carried pictures and stories about trainees being kicked by trainers and one of them walking over others. Thousands of people have posted comments on Twitterlike micro blogs and internet discussion forum asking why bodyguard training looked like a show business event and its pictures circulated across the web.

Questions have been asked about possible employers of the bodyguards. Some web users have suggested the handpicked bodyguards are being trained to "serve celebrities, major businessmen and might possibly end up as call girls''. Many are worried that such bodyguard training would become a trend and affect the generally orthodox Chinese culture. One media report said the concerned company has decided to send some of the trainees to the Israeli International Security Academy for further training. 

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