Recently, concerns were raised among residents about the increased observation of unleashed dogs in Sanya city as they will become a hazard for other people who enjoy the city life, reports


In some residential communities, many parents complained that the dogs running unleashed often scare kids who are playing in the community. Besides, some dogs barking always disrupts residents sleep.


It is noted that unleashed dogs also cause problems for public sanitation. The cleaning staff have been noticing that dog excrement is everywhere in the park while most dog owners often take no notice of the phenomenon.

Besides, death caused by rabies is another concern among residents. Since the first case of rabies reported in 2009, there is an increasing trend of people dying of rabies disease in the city.


Local residents suggest that relevant departments should set up a special dog management institution to prevent and control uncontrolled dogs, maintain public order and sanitation and create a sound environment for the people.

Translated by WOS Team
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