36th Miss Bikini International Finals scheduled to take place in Sanya on September 28th has apparently been canceled, according to the Sanya Haitang Bay Township government as well as the hosting hotel, Hilton Doubletree Resort in Haitang Bay, Sanya.
The event, arranged a few months ago and advertised extensively to be hosted in Sanya through the Miss Bikini International official committees various outlets and media connections, had been canceled without comment to the audience or the media. 

Hearing conflicting event venue, attempts to call the hosting agents for the event progress in Sanya have received no definite information.


Contact to the Sanya Haitang Bay Township government was finally established, and the official response on the issue was that bikini organizing committee had informed them of the cancellation but no reason was given, adding that they were just informed that the event would NOT be held in Sanya.
Below are the previous news report on the event: