Wang Lun, a man from Guangxi, spent four days and three nights sailing his self-made 4.2-meter boat from Guangxi Golf Bay to Sanya, reports
Speaking from his voyage, Wang said he was very thrilled. I’m feeling very proud of myself and grateful to the people who have helped me make it possible.
Driven by his childhood dream to sail alone around the sea, Wang took this idea into action and started to design his own boat five years ago. His new design also obtained a patent.
In his trip, Wang was forced to wake up many times to watch his journey and slept less than 10 hours. All I had in mind was that I had to hurry to the destination and try to avoid the blind communication regions. It’s not easy if you lose contact with the outside.
Surviving on a little tinned food and mooncakes, Wang said he has lost 10 pounds in the past 4 days.
About 800 km from the day he set sail on his boat, Wang succeeded in making his far-fetched dream to sail the journey alone into realization.
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