JUST as the old saying goes, "there are 1,000 Hamlets in 1,000 people's eyes," there are various interpretations of the leisure concept and its value.
Therefore, the directors of the Thematic Exhibition Hall of World Leisure Expo invited some 100 cities across the world to give their versions of a leisurely lifestyle.
The Thematic Exhibition Hall, surrounded by a bunch of modern buildings, is in the Baima Lake Zone. With five floors above ground and two floors below ground, the exhibition hall has 45,000 square meters of exhibition space. Housing exhibits from 55 Chinese cities and 42 international ones, the hall will be like a miniature version of the World Expo 2010 Shanghai.
Some of the exhibits will, no doubt, seem exotic to Chinese visitors and give a sense of belonging to the global village.
Madagascar Pavilion brings visitors into the wild world of animals while Ecuador Pavilion takes people into the mysterious Amazon rainforest. After that, sit down at the Vietnam Pavilion and enjoy a cup of Vietnamese coffee. For art lovers, the Myanmar Pavilion is the place to go for a wood-carving lesson. At Thailand Pavilion, a virtual cross-country trip is prepared from the beaches in the south to the big cities in the north. The next World Expo host city, Yeosu, South Korea, will unveil its coastal beauty.
A wide range of cities from across China will also showcase their own specialties. Heihe City's pavilion looks distinctively Russian, a symbol of the strong ties between the border city and its northern neighbor. Yurt-shaped pavilions of Inner Mongolian cities like Baotou and Hohhot reflect the nomadic lifestyle of their residents. Pingyao, an ancient city in northern China, shows its history as an ancient battlefield with a pavilion surrounded by its ancient city walls.
Cities like Suzhou, which has a relatively peaceful history, demonstrates treats of tranquility and elegance. Sanya from Hainan Province will offer people a beautiful view of the South China Sea in its pavilion.
Apart from the regular expositions, each city will promote itself on its theme-day during the World Leisure Expo. Exhibitors will grab the chance using shows, games and other interactive activities.
Exhibitors from Weifang, a city in Shandong Province famous for its kite-making industry, will give away free kites on October 3. Exhibitors from Thailand will invite visitors to check out some Thai dancing, boxing, fashion and films on November 5.
To show the leisure culture of the host country, the third floor is dedicated as the China Leisure Culture Pavilion. The pavilion will feature traditional Chinese interpretations of leisure that date back to the Song Dynasty (960-1279). The empire ceded its ambition to expand and focused on building up the economy, which in turn improved living standards.
The dynasty will be illustrated with two vivid 4D electric paintings. The popular exhibit at the World Expo Shanghai, "Along the River During the Qingming Festival," will be rendered on screen.
The ancient scroll captures the daily life of people from the Northern Song Dynasty (960-1127). The theme celebrates the festive spirit during the Qingming Festival. The content reveals the lifestyle of all levels of society from rich to poor as well as different economic activities in rural areas and the city.
The newly created "The Landscape of Hangzhou in the Southern Song Dynasty" 4D electric painting is based on a wood-carving painting. The original painting, in Hangzhou's City God Temple shows an important historical scene in Hangzhou when it was the capital of the Southern Song Dynasty (1127-1279). The 31.5 meters by 3.65 meters painting depicts in detail the ancient city, including how people enjoyed their leisure time.


SOURCE: Shanghai Daily
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