The number of damaged public trash cans in the city have increased at an alarming speed in the past three years, said the Director of the Sanya Audit Bureau recently.
From 2008 to 2010, the city has purchased 5,570 trash cans. As of June this year, only 1,296 cans are left.
Stealing is an important concern for the missing public trash cans. Most of the cans purchased by the government last year are made of iron and worth about 1,000 yuan each.
“People are running around stealing the cans from the streets and selling them at a low price of 20 to 30 yuan to the garbage sites in the city. Without impulse regulation to curb this phenomenon, the government has to pay for these deliberate damages,” said the local authority.
The city workers irresponsibility also attribute to the further damage of the public trash cans. “Some workers often forgot to lock the trash can’s door after cleaning. When pedestrians walk past they often throw away the rubbish around the can and cause damages to parts of the cans.”
In Sanya, most of the cans in places like Nanbianhai Road, Phoenix Road and Yingbin Road have not been well cleaned and locked.
Due to the lack of proper management of public facilities, an effective system is urgently needed to heighten awareness of the damaged cans issues and to help educate people about trash can maintenance.


Translated by WOS Team
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