Sanya government launches hefty investment plan to restore Yacheng, a famous ancient town in the history of China. The investment plan has a budget of 154 million RMB.
The recent accomplishment in the efforts to restore the old town include the rebuilding of the street network of the ancient town district, the archaeological field work along the site of the old the city wall, the renovation of the Shuinan Great Virtue Hall. In addition to this, the restoration of the square in front of the city gate is scheduled to be finished before the next spring festival. Relevant departments are still working on the renovation of Ten Thousands Generation Bridge, Ancient Poem Long Porch and some old ancestral temples and charity schools. The houses near the old city gate are restored in accordance to their appearance in ancient times.  By the end of 2011, the ancient town will be basically renovated and restored as a whole part.
The early-stage design and plan project already began in 2008. In 2009, Sanya government already finished eight construction projects, including the first-phrase reconstruction of a section of city wall.
Yacheng is a quite popular tourist destination and a famous ancient town. It is the south most township in ancient China, noted for its profound cultural background, the well preserved residential houses build in 1910s or 1920s, the southmost Confucius Temple in China and the unique local traditions and customs. It has been awarded the name of the "Famous Historical and Cultural Town of China" by national government in 2007. It was always the political, administrative, commercial and military center of the local shire or county which has various names in different dynasties and periods.
The Old Street built in Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) was once a prosperous local high street. The buildings on both side of the street have distinctive style of the old Cantonese-style architectures, with a quite wide open corridor in front of the doors of every shops and shelters for rain and tropical sunshine. This style is under great influence of the architecture style in countries of South-east Asian.  The Confucius Temple (The Academy of Confucians) is the biggest official school of the highest level in Hainan Province. It is also the southmost The Confucius Temple in China. It was originally established in Song Dynasty and undergo a last overhaul in 1872( during the Tongzhi Reign of Qing Dynasty). 
Sanya municipal government will learn from the successful cases of renovating Lijiang, Hongchun, and Zhou Village, which are famous ancient towns and villages in China. Currently, they are world-renowned tourism attraction places.
Since Yacheng is quite unique as an ancient city, the plan of renovating this city will highlights the Confucius Culture, the Ancient imperial examinations culture, the historical site of the high-rank banished loyal officials (including some Prime Ministers in ancient dynasties). Yacheng will be an important attraction for tourists in Sanya after all the renovation work are accomplished.
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