According to the local authority, the government spends nearly 6 million yuan every year repairing damaged lawns in public areas mainly caused by heavy human traffic, reports

"We are doing a lot of work to protect public lawns and facilities. However, many lawns often end up with thin patches and dead spots because of foot traffic.” Every year, it costs the government 6 million yuan to repair the damaged lawns. It’s a significant repair cost and the damage appears to have put a lot of pressure on the workers, said the local bureau. Every day, the city crews have to head out to perform daily duties including thin patches repair and dead spot restorations from uncivilized human activities. In some public areas, they put out warning signs for lawn maintenance.

"As Sanya is an international tourist destination, we encourage more international tourists to show their care and love to the lawns. We have set up multi-language warning signs among the green belt areas to remind them of not stepping on the grass”, said a working member from the Dadonghai Tourism Area.

In addition, steel fences are in place in the green areas to prevent non-motor vehicles and vehicles from entering it, which will cause great destruction to the lawns.

Local authority calls for residents and visitors to show their love and care to the lawns, which will eventually reward them with a healthy, thriving environment to enjoy all year round. 


Translated by WOS Team
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