Sanya tourism promotion delegation returned from Hong Kong last week with many valuable suggestions from the professionals in hospitality and tourism industries in Hong Kong.
More selling points should be discovered and created
When professionals in the tourism industry in Hong Kong knew that the movie If You Are The One 2 was shot in the tropical city of Sanya, they said that Sanya could have grabbed this great opportunity to promote the amazing Sanya Tropical Paradise Forest Park to attract tourists to experience this romantic and beautiful international ecologic park with state-of-the-art resorts and villas at tree tops.
This successful romantic movie lures many domestic movie fans to visit this forest park. However, few Hong Kong people knew about the connection between the movie and the park. The movie was quite popular in Hong Kong but the excellent opportunity of a successful promotion of Sanya was missed because no one organized such kind of Sanya tourism promotion campaigns in Hong Kong when the movie was on show there.
Yong Lin, a professional in Hong Kong tourism industry, said that there is no existence of Sanya tourism promotion in the mainstream mass media in Hong Kong. In addition to this, many professionals in Hong Kong tourism industry pointed out that Sanya needs more featured and well-tailored tourism highlights and tour plans for specific tourists such as honeymoon goers.
The director of Hong Kong tourism Development Bureau said that in the international market, it is a norm that there should be specific services which are specific-customer targeting. There are many coastal cities as vacation or holiday destinations. Sanya can shine among its competitors as long as it finds out what elements make it unique. Sanya can surely design an array of various tourism services or packages catering to the need of its targeting customer groups. Staying at a beach-facing hotel or resort for a couple of days can not distinguish Sanya from its competitors for good. The secretary of Sanya Tourism Association believes that tourism with a theme, such as honeymoon tourism and cultural tourism, can be of great potential to attract more people to visit Sanya.
Package tour rates should be relatively stable in accordance with the international norms in tourism
The feedback from Hong Kong tour agencies shows that the package tour rates offered by Sanya tour agencies fluctuate too violently and too frequently. This will lose the credibility of the local tourism industry. Sometimes the rates offered by Sanya tour agencies can vary sharply everyday. The rate in peak seasons can be ten times as much as that in off seasons.  The instability of the rates offered and the relatively expensive rates is a noticeable problem. This makes Sanya sometimes less attractive than its competitors, such as Pattaya and Bali, in Thailand and Indonesia.
Therefore, there should be more stable and more professional systems of package tour rate to streamline and enhance the cooperation between Sanya local tour agencies and its international counterparts.
Sanya can learn from Hong Kong and Macau in booming its tourism
The tourism administrations in Hong Kong and Macau are quite efficient and professional with streamlined structures and departments in charge of different works or projects. For example, Macau is very famous for its delicious cuisine. Therefore, the city organized many cuisine-themed tourism events to attract international and domestic tourists and holiday goers. This is a win-win deal for the local restaurant industry, residents, and tourists from all over the world.
In addition to this, both the high-end and the budget hospitality industry in Hong Kong and Macau meet the international standards. However, in Sanya, the middle-sized hotels or hostels sometimes just provide very basic service with mediocre quality. Sanya still has a quite long way to go in upgrading its hotel service as a whole part instead of focusing just upon the service quality of the expensive hotels along Yalong Bay and Haitang Bay.
In short, the Sanya tourism promotion delegation has a fruitful visit from Hong Kong. They get valuable feedbacks and suggestions from their Hong Kong counterparts and business partners. By implementing the effective measures suggested by Hong Kong tourism professionals, Sanya will surely have a better tourism service that deserve its nickname "Tropical Paradise Forever" in the near future.
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