Recently, as a document jointly issued by relevant national departments on the requirement of rectification of electric bicycle industry, more than 90% of electric bicycles sold in Sanya are found exceeding the limits of national standards, reports
According to the new management standards, the weight of an electric bicycle sold in the market must be less than 40 kg, and the top speed below 20 km/h.
“Currently, more than 90% of electric bicycles sold in Sanya fail to meet the national standards,” an electric bicycle store owner told the reporter.
With the number of electric bicycles running on the roads increasing all the time, many residents and electric bicycle users are airing their voices on the management of electric bicycle in the city.
“Unlike other big cities, Sanya is a city where public transportation resources are relatively scarce. People often ride their bicycles to work, which is very convenient and environmentally friendly,” said Mr. Zhang, who lives in the Hedong District and rides a electric bicycle to work every day.
However, others complain that the fast electric bicycles that now whizz about the city are a menace to other road users.
If specific guidelines on the production and management of electric bicycles are carried out, the potential risks on the safety of road users will be greatly reduced. It is a good thing. Mr. Zhang also added.
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