Amid mounting pressure from taxi drivers on the back of soaring fuel and residents complaint on finding a taxi in the downtown center, Sanya Government officials are considering a number of proposals for a flag-fall rate hike in the future, reports
According to taxi drivers, the flag-fall rate of 5 yuan has been unchanged for several years. Taxi drivers cite inflation and the increase of fuel as the reasons for the hike.
Our company has made an initial proposal to adjust the flag-fall fare from 5 yuan per 2km to 7 yuan per 2km or 10 yuan per 3km, and we will present it in the flag-fall rate hearing meeting to be held in mid-June, says Mr. Huang, working as a taxi driver for 6 years.
Beside, due to traffic congestion and narrow streets in the downtown center, many taxi drivers prefer to stay at major tourist attractions and hotels to pick up passengers, which are easier to earn money. The increase of the flag-fall rate in the future will discourage taxi drivers from refusing to pick-up passengers in the downtown center to some extents.
The corresponding date for the taxi companies or individual taxi owner to discuss the increase of the flag-fall fare is scheduled in mid-June of this year.  
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