To ensure the long-term protection and preservation of cultural and historical sites in Hainan Province, a local courtyard located in Yacheng County, Sanya was listed as a first-class historic relic, reports

For lack of enough family records, it is hard for experts to determine the exact time of its construction. Based only on the features of the architecture, the courtyard had at least a history of 200 years which can be traced back to the Qing Dynasty.

Qin Mingcen, the owner of the courtyard house said the bat patterns in the stone windows are unique. Due to the Cultural Revolution, most patterns in the house were knocked off. Besides, a part of the roof in the house collapsed since no one had lived in it for a long time.

Since this traditional courtyard is not the only one existing in Yacheng County, it has been listed as a first-class historic relic for its well preservation. At present, it has the highest level of protection in Yacheng County. 

Translated by WOS Team
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