Two fishing boats caught fire at the estuary of Sanya River opposite to the Time Coast at 12:08 am of March 30th when an improper operation triggered sparked and ignited leaking oil during a diesel transfusion between the two fishing boats, reports

The two fishing boats, which were 150 tons and 7 tons, were both used for diesel transfusion.
"At that time, we were trying to use fire extinguishers to put out the fire, but the blaze spread quickly to the small boat. We’ve always been doing like this way, and it is the first time to encounter such an incident.”, a staff member working on the burned boat told a reporter.

After receiving the fire call, firefighters immediately arrived at the spot and the fire was finally put out 20 minutes later.
During the accident, one of the staff on the boat was slightly injured and was sent to the hospital for further treatment. 

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