The fear for Japan’s nuclear fallout has triggered panic buying of salt in Sanya recently in a false belief that it can ward off the effects of potential nuclear radioactivity, reports

All supermarkets have run out of salt since March 16th as panic-buying spread across the city.

A staff working at Fuleduo Supermarket said iodine salt was snapped up in the early morning of Wednesday. They didn’t know when the salt will be supplied as many anxious residents kept asking for it.

Besides, in the entrance door of the Fuleduo supermarket, two women carried a plastic bag with dozes of iodide salt to sell at a price of 10 yuan each, which is 8 times higher than the normal price.

In response to price hikes of salt, the Sanya Commodity Price Bureau has sent a special team to investigate price violations. Experts indicate that Sanya is far away from Japan and the nuclear radioactivity is limited to the nearby regions. It is of no necessity to panic and buy and eat too much iodine salt. 

Translated by WOS Team
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