From Feb. 17th to 19th, 2011, more than 30 passengers came to the Hedong Police station to bring charges against Xinhui Airline Ticket Agent at Hedong Road for selling fake airline tickets, reports


We have E-tickets but have been told that we were unable to board after arriving at the airport., said Miss. Liu, a passenger from Ordos, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region in the afternoon of last Saturday.


On Feb. 6th, 2011, Miss. Liu purchased a dozen of tickets for her relatives at Xinhui Airline Ticket Agent after seeing the agent selling tempting low tickets.


It was not the first time for her to buy air tickets at this agent before.


However, on Feb. 18th, one of Miss. Liu relatives was told the seat wasnt reserved at the check-in counter since the money hadnt been put into the airline company s account. At the same time, her other relatives encountered the same problem.


When Liu and her relatives came together to bring charges against the agent at the police station, she was surprised to find out more than 30 passengers had met the same problem of buying fake tickets from Xinhui Airline Ticket Agent.


According to the passengers recall on Feb. 17th, because of the failure for boarding at the airport, they called for the police and the police took Miss. Liang, the owner of the agent back for investigation.


Due to Miss. Liangs commitment to refund money back to the passengers, the police finally released her on Feb. 17th.


However, the owner has run off with all the money after more and more passengers made complaints against the agent. At present, upon verification, the police are looking for the escaped owner for further investigation.



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