reports that The ICFEE is a worldwide forum focused on research which is state of the art and which is looking into the future of environment and energy sources. The next 2011 conference which will throw a spotlight on the world of future environment as well as that of energy is going to be setting up its stall at Sanya in China.
In March the leading lights of the world of future environment as well as those of technology will be flocking to the city to take meet up and exchange ideas. As the number one event of its kind its sure to attract the cream of the business, educational and research world all keen to get together and pool ideas which will push this important subject forward.
The type of hotel Sanya is able to offer will impress all delegates with the excellent array of places to stay, with a huge range of places on offer for all tastes and budgets. Sanya makes for a great venue for conference delegates to kick back after a heady day in debate. Western standards are easily available and an impressive array of choices is on offer to all visitors to Sanyas tropical welcome.
Lek Boonlert, marketing head of DirectRooms said: Such an important subject deserves a wonderful conference such as this worldwide forum which will attract all the best minds to plan for the future of the environment and energy.