On 21st, December, the 7-day Sanya tourism promotion tour in Australia has successfully concluded. This tourism promotion tour marks a milestone for Sanya's tourism to march into the Southern hemisphere for the first time.


From the 12th to 19th December, the promotion delegations from Sanya, including tourist scenic spots and hotels delegations, held their special promotion meetings in Sydney, Melbourne and other cities in Australia, which attracted great interest from local media, travel agents and tourism authorities.


Australia and Sanya, located in different hemispheres, have a different natural climate. The climate differences will provide each other with great opportunities for potential development on tourism.


China Southern Airlines has launched direct flights to several cities like Melbourne and Sydney. The number of non-stop flights to Australia per week in Guangzhou has reached over 20 flights, which has also created tremendous opportunities for Sanya and Australia to carry out a multiple-destination tourism corporation program.