On 18th December, the delegation of the Japanese Chamber of Commerce and Industry in China, together with the guide of Chinese chief representative from Marubeni Corporation, paid their visits to Sanya, Hainan province, aiming to discover the Sanya economic vitality and environment for investment.

Rong Liping, vice-mayor of Sanya, gave a brief introduction of the geographic environment and economic social development of Sanya, hoping to promote the mutual development by strengthening the exchange and cooperation on tourism and economy between two cities.

During the visit, the Chinese chief representative and the Japanese delegation spoke highly of the Sanya environment and its rapid development.

The Japanese Chamber of Commerce and Industry, composed of Japanese enterprises, is the largest Japanese economic group in China. There are currently about 506 members in it, including Japanese business community, the leading companies in every field. Up till now, there are 13 Japanese enterprises in Sanya. The Japanese companies have played an increasingly important role in promoting the development of Sanya.