With a total investment of 1.9 billion yuan, Bing Lang River Tourist Site is listed as one of the eight key construction projects in Sanya. At present, the construction of this tourist site is under way, Xinhua Net reports.

Bing Lang River Tourist Site owns very unique location as it is only 10 kilometres from downtown and 3 kilometres from Sanya Phoenix International Airport.

With a total constructing area of 11.05 square kilometers, this large tourist site is expected to complete construction in 6 years.

According to relevant source, Binlang River Tourist Site will be divided into 7 major sections, including resort area, modern agriculture sight-seeing spot, shopping centres and sites to experience culture of Hainan's Li people etc.

Undoubtedly, upon its completion, this tourist site will become another paradise for tourists to enjoy their time in this seaside city.