As the cold winter draws near, many senior citizens who live in the north parts of China have flied back to Sanya to enjoy their warm winter in the city. In their opinion, great changes have taken place in Sanya in the past few years, hljnews. cn reports.
According to Mr. Wang, who has been flying between Heilongjiang province and Sanya for 6 years, the number of migrants coming to the city is rapidly increasing in the past few years. However, most roads in the city haven't been widened at all. As a result, this often leads to serious traffic jam for tourists and residents in Sanya.
Meanwhile, many people believe that medical service in Sanya still needs further improvement too.
On the other hand, a large number of migrants find that hygienic conditions in Sanya have been improved a lot in the past few years. In addition, there are many places for old residents in the city to do some recreational activities.
Many old migrants in Sanya hope that more recreational and sports activities can be held as migrants have become an important group in the city and they desire to integrate into local life.