At present, over 10 cartoon & animation companies have settled in Sanya. With a population of 500 million teenagers, China has a huge market for cartoon and animation industry. Therefore, Sanya expects to build a national Cartoon & Animation Industry Base to promote its further development, Sanya. hinews reports.

The current constructing area of Cartoon & Animation Industry Base in Sanya reaches 168, 250 sq.m. Many companies choose Sanya for sound reasons. On the one hand, the city is a beautiful coastal city suitable for making cartoon & animation; on the other hand, Sanya is well equipped with advanced facilities for cartoon & animation production.

Despite the great prospect for future cartoon & animation industry, Sanya still faces many tough challenges. First of all, to be successful in this industry, companies in Sanya should invest a vast sum of capital during the process of production. In addition, the shortage of talents in the industry also challenges the city for future development.

However, with its unique economic and location advantages, hopefully, Sanya will successfully build a national Cartoon & Animation Industry Base in the future.