On Oct 31st, the Olympic flame in Sanya Haintang Bay signifies the Olympic Torch Square's official settlement in the coastal city. Meanwhile, this also means that the Olympic projects in Sanya have been formally launched, hinews reports.

As the Olympic cultural heritage project of tbe Beijing Olympic Games, Sanya’s Olympic Bay is comprised of the Olympic Family, Olympic Global Village and Olympic Island of Dreams. Over 300 sculptures which were displayed during the Beijing Olympics will be distributed in separate areas in the Olympic Bay too.

Functions of the Sanya Olympic Bay projects can be divided into 4 major parts:
1. Sports function: Various sports facilities such as the Olympic Torch Square, Sports Centre and Olympic Museum will be built in the future.
2. Cultural function: All kinds of sports and cultural activities will be held here. Meanwhile, this is also an effort by Sanya to forge an international film festival.
3. Leisure function: Undoubtedly, this will become a place for citizens and tourists to relax and enjoy themselves.
4. Commercial function: Resort hotels and commercial districts will be also constructed here to bring vitality to this new site.