According to the responsible department in Sanya, the first batch of all-electric buses will be possibly put into operation in Sanya in November, which will symbolize the low-carbon age of the buses in Sanya. 
The all-electric buses are able to run 200 kilometers after being charged and they will provide a quieter and more comfortable environment for their passengers. Their appearance is quite the same as ordinary buses, but they feature zero emissions and no noise which meet the low carbon goals advocated by the Sanya Municipal Government, according to the report.
Each all-electric bus will cost more than RMB 1.8 million which is far more expensive than ordinary bus. However, its operational cost is far cheaper than an ordinary bus, only one third of the operational cost of the ordinary bus.
Though a higher cost for the busses, the ticket price of all-electric buses will be the same as ordinary buses.
Translated by WOS Team
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