After the opening of the Sanya Duty-Free Store, 15 international brands including Dunhill, Ferragamo and Bally have settled in this new duty-free shopping centre. By now, some exclusive shops have started business and others will be open for business soon, hinews. cn reports.

On Sept 28th, the third period of the Sanya Duty-Free Store was officially opened. During the past month, the Sanya Duty-Free Store has successively operated its first period and second period retail business.

These newly-opened exclusive shops provide various international brands for customers. Meanwhile, to cater to oversea customers' purchasing habits, these shops were designed to sell one brand each for every shop.

At present, the 9 newly-opened specialty stores are very popular among customers. In addition, the other 6 stores which are still being decorated will be open at the beginning of next year.