A few days ago, Qiongzhou University in Sanya has been sued by Chen Wei’s parents. The court has heard the case and the result will come out in the near future, reports South Metropolis News.


Chen Wei, a freshman majoring in PE in Qiongzhou University, was severely injured while he was taking PE class in the university.


At 21:30 on November 30th, 2009, he fell to the marble playground while he practiced a backward somersault. His head was severely injured and he was sent to the hospital immediately. However, after treatment, he still cant be what he used to be. At present, he can only lie on the bed and be fed by his parents.


The school paid about RMB 200,000 for his early treatment, and then refused to give a penny more. Wu Hong, Chen Weis mother, claimed that the treatment for his son has cost more than RMB 600,000 so far and her family was unable to afford the further treatment for her son.


The university authority defended that Chen Wei did the backward somersault that was not part of the teaching content in the class. It was not the universitys responsibility for Chen Weis severe injury.


Chen Weis parents sued the university for failing to offer a secure place for taking PE classes and the PE teacher was absent when the accident happened.


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