According to the Meteorological Department of Hainan, there will be a new round of rainfalls in the east part of Hainan Island from Oct 13th to 17th. Precipitation is estimated to reach 200mm to 400mm. By now, Sanya has made full preparations for the upcoming rainfall to keep the damage to a minimum extent, reports.
On Oct 12th, relevant departments in Sanya has informed the departments of marine fisheries, agriculture, forestry and tourism of the newest meteorological information and required them to prepare well for the possible impacts brought by the rainfall.
In addition, 3 working teams were sent to carry out safety inspections of the 103 reservoirs and 10 main riverways in the city. Chitian Reservoir, the most important one to provide water supply in urban area of Sanya, has vacated 10,000,000 m3 to hold new precipitation.
In agriculture, specific measures will also be taken to minimize the impacts on crops. Besides, entertainment activities around the seaside and riverside area are under strict supervision during this period of time, to ensure the safety of tourists in the city.