To guarantee  the safety of residents and tourists during the National Day holiday, the Sanya fire detachment organized fire prevention supervisors to proceed fire service inspections in Sanya’s pubic places including bars, cybercafés, dancing halls, and shopping malls.

From Sept 28th to 29th, inspectors checked fire control facilities in several entertainment establishments carefully. Every inspector tried to make sure that all emergency lightings, including fire extinguishers, auto alarms and automatic spraying system were in order. Above all, they wanted to ensure that all emergency escapes are unblocked.

During the inspection, there were still problems such as unobvious fire escape signs, ill-formed fire prevention patrol records, and new staff’s ignorance of using fire extinguishers. Places that still had hidden dangers, fire prevention supervisors strictly ordered managers in charge to take actions to make further improvements.

Before the National Holiday, without a fixed schedule, the Sanya fire detachment had also sent many groups to inspect the fire safety of public places several times. To all citizens and tourists in Sanya, this is indeed a reassuring guarantee of their safety.