Wang Hongjun is the planning director of the Hainan Hibo Conference and Exhibition Company.

What are the advantages does your company have in the MICE market? Hibo is committed to integrating and optimizing local resources, and has formed strategic partnership with professional MICE and PR companies in Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen. We have successfully undertake a 1,000 person annual conference for NAVECO Ltd, a 1,200 person annual conference for Shanghai Volkswagen Automotive Company together with a test drive, a 450 person annual conference for Taiping Life Insurance Company, and an annual training session of China Construction Bank. Our services have covered various fields such as automobiles, medicine, finance, insurance, real estate, telecommunications, energy, and electrical appliances.

What do you think of Sanya’s MICE market in 2010? What are its characteristics?

According to statistics from the Sanya Tourism Administration concerning the number of MICE events in 2009, even if there are 6,000 MICE events a year this is still not enough for all the hotels in Sanya. Due to the Shanghai Expo, some companies and organizations might choose Shanghai as their MICE destination. Yet based on the data Hibo has received onholding MICE events in Sanya, from September 2010 to April 2011 there will be as many as MICE events in Sanya as there were 2009. If an event or meeting is to be held in a hotel, what are the requirements?

The total price/performance ratio of hotel’s meeting service is our first consideration. For example, the capacity of guest rooms, ballroom, multifunction rooms, and meeting rooms. The quality of hotel service, and the transport costs are all factors that should be taken into consideration. Rating of hotel rooms is another important factor to decide the final destination.

In addition supporting facilities of a hotel such as swimming pools, entertainment programs, physiotherapy, dining, beaches, and nearby resources should be considered too.

Please list all the hotels you have used in Sanya.

Howard Johnson Resort Sanya Bay, Sanya Marriott Resort and Spa, Sheraton Sanya Resort, Yalong Bay Mangrove Tree Resort, Narada Resort and Spa Sanya, Visun Royal Yacht Club, and Resort Intime Sanya. Sofitel Boao, and Gold Coast Lawton Hotel are hotels we’ve used in Hainan.

Which hotel’s meeting products and services have impressed you the most? Why?

Howard Johnson Resort Sanya Bay has 1,160 seaview rooms and 38 seaview villas, capable of hosting a MICE team of 1,500 people.

The hotel has a 19-meter high 3,500-square meter lobby, and 4,300-square meter indoor and outdoor swimming pools and hot spring waters. The 1,100 grand ballroom, two 600-square meter multifunction rooms, and 13 meeting rooms are equipped with full meeting facilities. The 10,000-square meter lawn is the place for outdoor dinner parties and outreach activities. There a a VIP access directly to the beach. Plus with a lower price than hotels in Yalong Bay, an eight-minute drive to the airport, and five-star service, Howard Johnson Resort Sanya Bay is the first choice for MICE buyers in Sanya.

What advantages does Sanya have as a MICE destination?

Now the International Tourism Island has been approved as national strategy, Hainan is striving to become a real MICE destination. The Sanya Convention and& Exhibition Center, Haikou Exhibition and Convention Center, and BFA International Convention Center have made a MICE destination network through the south (Sanya, Wanning), the east (Boao), and the north (Haikou) parts of Hainai.

Thanks to its unique resources including beaches, coconut trees, the sea, yachting, golf, and its tropical climate Sanya is quite popular to buyers from east, north, and southwest China, as well as outbound buyers.

What resources of Sanya can be used in corporate MICE activities to bring unexpected experiences to clients?

Sanya boasts rich tourism resources: Nanshan Kwan-yin, Tianya Haijiao, ah Noda rain forest, yachting, fishing, diving, beaches, rafting, and performance by Li and Miao ethnic groups. All these can be used in MICE events. The natural beauty can help to encourage MICE groups to cooperate with each other, and realize the goal of MICE. Sanya could be the premier choice for meeting and recreation.

Please share with our readers the details of a creative event.

Usually large-scale events can be divided into three categories, receptions, exhibitions, and investigation. Hibo was involved in the launch of the Shanghai Volkswagen Tiguan and the annual conference of the company.

Large-scale events like this need full communication with the client in advance to know the client’s needs clearly. Hibo set up hospitality centers at the airport and in the hotel, as well as arranging 120 people to receive guests in three shifts for three days. Our reception started as soon as the plane landed. First, all the guests would take a break at the hospitality center to enjoy some coffee and dessert. Then the luggage porter collected the guests’ luggage and guided them onto the bus to the hotel. The hospitality center in the hotel had a tea break area, a place allowing guests to talk to each other and to check in; the key cards were prepared one day before guests arrived, saving guests a lot of time. We had done a good job in understanding the rhythm of the meeting, avoiding disruptions during the event. We have also worked with the hotel in handling requirements from guests for the meeting, dining, or going out. For the test drive, we carefully arranged the route as well as a car washing service. To ensure guests could leave Sanya smoothly, we have made a closing-down schedule and information about guests’ return flights. In addition we had created a “time tunnel” along the approach to the venue displaying the history of the company, and arranged for the company’s management to stand at the gate to welcome distributors. We also made a set of plans for VIPs.

How do you view the future of Sanya’s MICE industry?
Sanya’s MICE market is accelerating. As the key point of the International Tourism Island, it will be an international, professional brand as well as a market in structure, service and operational efficiency. Now hotels already have state-of-the-art hardware facilities, what they should do is to improve their services. The shortage of talent and international professional managers will hinder the rapid development of MICE.

Hotels in Yalong Bay, the development of Sanya Bay and Haitang Bay, along with development of many other bays, offer diverse choices for MICE buyers.

Boao Forum for Asia-Tourism Conference, the Miss World contest, Mr. World contest, World`s Strongest Man, New Silk Road Model Contest, World Taijiquan Health Conference, the Volvo Ocean Race, the Around-the-Island Cycling Competition, and golf tours have laid a good foundation for Sanya’s MICE market. The Sanya Convention and Exhibition Center, which is currently under construction will be another accelerator for MICE.