On the morning of September 15 in 1st Conference Room of Sanya Municipal Government, Li Baiqing, Deputy Mayor of Sanya, met with a delegation from State of Victoria in Australia led by Dome Tassone, Director of Construction & Engineering Service Bureau of Ministry of Innovation, Industry and Regional Development of State of Victoria.

The State of Victoria has the densest population and highest degree of industrialization in Australia. Its capital city of Melbourne is the second largest city in the country. The members of this delegation visiting Sanya are personnel concerning urban design and planning from Australian city system which has more than 50 enterprises as the members engaging in consultation service and technical development in terms of urban overall planning design, environmental sustainable development and green architecture. The purpose of visiting Sanya is to seek the chance of cooperation.

Li Baiqing introduced the economic and social development in Sanya to guests from Australia. He said that Sanya was undertaking urban reformation and construction concerning the orientation and development objective about professional and international tourism city. The flourishing development of tourism industry has brought a certain degree of pressure to the environment; therefore Sanya would like to draw lessons from the success experience of the State of Victoria in energy saving and emission reduction regarding green architecture and hotel operation.

Australian guests said that the problems Sanya came across during the urban development were also encountered by Melbourne; therefore the State of Victoria was willing to cooperate with Sanya in respect of renewable energy and green architecture.