Sanya in Hainan province is going to the launch a “virtual college town” project to boost the education standards of the city, reports
The online education will be divided into network education and distance education. Information and sources will be shared among higher institutions, thereby to integrate a serious of functions including teaching, researching and production.
In Shenzhen, this new education model has achieved initial success. It has fostered numerous high quality talents, and obtained national science & technology programs. Most importantly, the virtual institution attracted investment and cooperation with its own result of scientific research, which help nurture a lot of new companies.
Lv Zhensu, the president of the School of Computer of Hainan University Sanya College, said the virtual college will better the college education circumstances and build up a new bond between high institutions and enterprises.
Mr. Lv added that the government should focus more on the operation management after completing the construction. The virtual institution aims to encourage the participation of foreign colleges and the investment of enterprises, with government’s efforts.