A foreigner swindler used a fake 100 U.S. dollar banknote to buy a china vase in Sanya, and the shop owner gave him the change of 450 yuan RMB, reports sanya.hinews.cn.
At 7:00pm on 1st August, a black foreigner entered a china shop on Jiefang Road of Sanya.He chose a china vase which was priced at 320 RMB. After bargaining, the shop owner agreed to sell the vase at 220 RMB.
The foreigner took out a 100 U.S. dollar banknote and showed the exchange rate the shopkeeper, who gave him 450 RMB for change according to the exchange rate.
After that, the foreigner asked for the shop owner’ name card, saying that he would go shopping and then return back to fetch the vase.
The shop owner then packaged the vase after the black man left. But until 23 o’clock at night, the man didn’t come back.
The next morning, the shop owner went to the bank but was told that the banknote was a fake one.