Typhoon Conson landed in Sanya, Hainan on 16th July, causing massive delays and cancellation of flights in Sanya.
A passenger of a delayed Guangzhou-Sanya flight called 110 and claimed that he would bomb the plane as he had waited too long. The passenger was later arrested for fabricating and spreading false information of terror by airport police on 18th July.
At 3pm on 19th July, the Guangzhou Baiyun Airport police received a 110 alarm from a passenger that said that he wanted to bomb the aircraft because his flight was delayed and cancelled. The police informed security officers to enhance passenger personal and cargo security inspections and then carried out an investigation and evidence gathering after receiving the alarm.
With the assistance of relevant departments, airport police ascertained that the suspect had taken the flight at 5 pm to Sanya that day. The air police of CSA cooperated with Sanya Airport police and arrested the suspect and brought him back to Guangzhou on 18th July.
Under questioning, the suspect admitted that he had made the bomb hoax due to his dissatisfaction on the flight’s delay.
The passenger has received criminal detention.